Screw-On Nozzles for Force Dryers (5-Piece Set)

Screw-On Nozzles for Force Dryers (5-Piece Set)

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  • BB-000-10 5-Piece Kit includes Inner and Outer Adapter, and 3 Screw-On Nozzles (Cone, Flat, Round).
  • Pairs with XPOWER Force Dryer Models B-4, B-8,B-8S, B-24, B-25, B-27.



No more headache with hose replacements! If you own the previous edition of the XPOWER Force Dryer hose, now there is a simple solution to extend the hose life.

Simply cut off the deteriorating section of the hose along with the nozzle adapter, and install this edition of nozzle adapter.

This kit includes 3 improved nozzles which screw on to the nozzle adapter for added security–cone and flat nozzle for heavy water removal, and round nozzle for finishing.

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