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Pro Bundle - Disaster Restoration Equipment

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Pro Bundle - What's Included

  • XD-85LH LGR Commercial Dehumidifier x 1
  • X-3400A 3-Stage HEPA Air Scrubber x 1 
  • X-400A Centrifugal Air Movers x 4


Now you can get all the equipment you need for your next water damage restoration project in one all-inclusive bundle. 

Order now and enjoy free shipping, fast fulfillment, Canadian service & warranty and savings of up to 20 percent!

We've taken the XPOWER air movers, air scrubbers and commercial dehumidifiers that are most trusted by restoration professionals and bundled them into an affordable and easy-to-order package.

With this Pro Bundle, you'll get four powerful X-400A Centrifugal Air Movers, one industrial-grade X-3400A true HEPA Air Scrubber and one XD-85LH Commercial Dehumidifier with state-of-the-art LGR technology.

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Water Removal Equipment in back of truck



  • Powerful ventilation workhorse that quickly dries carpets, floors, furniture, walls
  • Low 3 AMP power draw with mighty 1,600 CFM airflow capacity
  • 3 different speeds & 4 different angling positions
  • Lightweight and durable ABS housing (same material as football helmets)
  • Built-in power outlets for daisy-chaining
  • 20-ft. long power cord with wrap-around cord design
  • Dual thermal protection & ETL/CETL safety certified


X-400A Centrifugal Air Mover Multiple Positions


    Our most popular centrifugal air movers for the professional restoration industry - well-appreciated for their ability to save time, energy and money.

    You can power up to three of these units on a single 15-ampere circuit, thanks to the low electrical draw and built-in power outlets that allow multiple units to connect.

    With an impressive airflow capacity (1,600 CFM) and surprisingly low noise level, you'll dry structures fast and efficiently while being less disruptive to tenants and occupants. 

    The three-speed control switches and multiple positioning angles give you the power to adjust the flow and direction of the air stream depending on if you're drying walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, tile or entire rooms.

    The X-400A air movers weigh less than 18 pounds and have moulded handles which make it a real breeze to lift and transport the units. When not in use, these air movers can be stacked up to four units high.

    The commercial-grade housing made of ABS-plastic and durable motors ensure optimum performance and years of service.

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    • Compact and light-weight construction with rugged handle and wheels
    • Patented high-efficiency dual intake technology
    • Water removal capacity: 85 pints/day at AHAM (26°C, 60% RH)
    • Operation temperature range: 0.6°C – 40.6°C
    • Built-in purge pump & drainage hose
    • Standard refrigerant (R410A); with operation range between 1° – 38°C (33° – 100°F) 
    • Advanced electronic control panel
    • Stackable up to 3 units, 25-ft long power cord and 40-ft long drainage hose
    • ETL/CETL safety certified
    XD-85LH LGR Commercial Dehumidifier


    Compared to other LGR commercial dehumidifiers, this less than 70 pounds lightweight champion with semi-pneumatic wheels and sturdy handle, stands out for its unrivalled portability and compact design.

    The compact construction doesn’t compromise on power nor efficiency. With a powerful one-horsepower motor, this unit has the capacity to remove up to 85 pints a day at AHAM and produce an airflow of up to 180 cubic feet per minute, while drawing only 6.7 amperes of electricity. 

    Also featuring unique patented Dual Intake Technology, which boosts efficiency and performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

    The advanced electronic control panel lets you program and monitor humidity levels and running time.

    The built-in pump with drainage hose automatically purges the collection tank when it’s full, (to purge manually, just press a button on the control panel).

    The ingenious oblong-shaped housing design enables you to use this low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier in tight spots like washrooms, kitchens and crawl spaces.

    When not in use, units can be stacked up to three units high.

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    • Built-in power outlets with dual thermal protection
    • Powerful and energy-efficient 1/2 HP external rotor induction motor
    • Low 2.8 AMP draw with 600 CFM maximum airflow capacity
    • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic housing design
    • Foam cap-protected 3-stage filtration system & filter change indicator light
    • 13-ft. long power cord with wrap-around cord design
    • Stackable up to 5 units high for easy storage
    • 5-speeds control switch
    • ETL/CETL safety certified

    X-3400A Air Scrubber HEPA


    For water damage restoration projects, you should use an X-3400A Air Scrubber to capture contaminants and purify the air.

    This three-stage commercial purification system removes bacteria, allergens and sub-micron sized particulates that have been brought to the top from sub-surfaces by the sudden onslaught of water.

    Stackable and lightweight for easy transportation, and with built-in power outlets for daisy-chaining, the rugged X-3400A is ideal for even the toughest water damage restoration jobs.

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