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XPOWER AP-2500D Air Purifier System HEPA-300-PV Stage 3 V-Shaped HEPA Filter

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Stage 3 HEPA Filter for XPOWER AP-2500D Filte Air Purifier System

  • Efficiency rating up to 99.97% against 0.3 micron particles
  • Compatible with XPOWER AP-2500D Portable HEPA Air Filtration Systems


Compatible with the XPOWER AP-2500D Portable HEPA Air Filtration Systems, this 12 inch. thick Professional HEPA Filter captures contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold and even 0.3 sized sub-micron particles at a rate of 99.97%. Several pre-filter Air Scrubber stages ensure a long life of this filter. Replace as needed when indicator light illuminates and other filters have been checked for blockages.