9 Things to Consider When You're Buying a Professional Grooming Dryer

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As a professional groomer, you strive to offer superior care and top-notch styling for all your fur-covered customers. If you run a busy grooming salon or do house-call grooming or you're a competition groomer - you know a new pet dryer is an important investment that can make all the difference for the future of your growing business and increasingly amazing styling skills.
But different types of groomers need different types of dryers - and it's not always easy to figure out which dryer features are actually worth paying for.

In this article, you can read about nine different features we think are important to consider before you're buying your new dog dryer.

Durable Grooming Dryer


Some grooming shop customers can be more ruff than others. Excited puppies and stiff tails can easily knock a dryer off the grooming table. Make sure you get a drying unit that's impact-resistant and shock-proof.

XPOWER pet dryers feature housing made of ABS thermoplastic. This material is also used for helmets, golf club heads and Lego-blocks (if you've ever stepped on a piece of Lego, you already know all too well the structural strength of this material).

Plus, this type of plastic will never rust in your bathing area.

Brushless Motor

Brushless Motor

After groomers brought their concerns about carbon brushes and carbon dust into the light, XPOWER Manufacture decided to come up with a solution for this important and invisible issue that concerns every groomer.  The solution is an innovative, new generation, brushless motor technology that supports the health and safety for groomers and pets alike.

In traditional motors, carbon brushes are exposed to friction which A) wears down the brushes over time and B) creates potentially harmful carbon dust that spreads onto fur and into lungs.

As the carbon brushes are worn down, the motor drops in performance and eventually dies. The brushes can be replaced by the XPOWER service department, but the interruption will cause downtime and lost income for your grooming salon.

This is why some XPOWER dryers (B-8 Elite Pro and the cage dryers) are designed and constructed without carbon brushes.

Variable Speed Control

Variable Speed Control

Far from every pet likes to be blasted with air. With variable speed control, you can better accommodate those anxious and nervous pets who usually freak out from the blasts of a dryer. Use a step-less speed control to gently introduce them to increasing levels of air pressure.

Speed control also lets you customize your drying technique for different pet sizes, coat types and sensitive body parts. Most XPOWER dryers come with this advanced feature.

Low Noise Levels/Quiet

Noise Level

Loud noises make pets (and humans) cringe and can startle an already nervous animal. XPOWER pet dryers are 30-40% quieter than its nearest competitors.

By saying no to metallic housing and rickety structures, XPOWER has managed to design a pet dryer with optimal quietness.

The lesser noise makes the whole drying experience more pleasant and less stressful for both pets and groomers. 

Low Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning & Maintenance

Pet dryers are equipped with air filters to keep debris and dirt out of the motor. Blocked and filthy filters will not only lower the dryer’s impact and shorten its longevity but may also spread around dust particles that land on your customer's fur.

The washable 3-filter system of XPOWER dryers is easily accessible through a secure screw-off end cap, making cleaning and maintenance a real breeze. 

Mobility / Portability

For mobile dog groomers and competition groomers, having a light-weight dryer is especially important since you need to travel everywhere with your dryer.

Because the housing of XPOWER dryers is made of thermoplastic and not metal, you lose a lot of unnecessary weight, which makes the units especially easy to carry and suitable for house-call grooming.


It's easier to keep tidy and organized when everything in your workplace has its own designated place.

Creating smart storage in your grooming shop or mobile grooming truck will make your day easier.
Consider installing a wall mount kit for your force dryer. It'll free up space and keep your dryer safe and out of harm's way when not in use. 

Nozzle & Hose Quality

Nozzle & Hose Quality

The nozzle of a pet dryer shoots out pressured air at high speed. If it isn’t robustly made, the nozzle could crack, melt and potentially harm the pet.

Dryers from XPOWER are equipped with interchangeable nozzle heads and heat-resistant nylon hoses. The hoses are highly flexible and typically eight feet long so you can reach into all hard-to-dry spots.

   Cubic Feet per Minute CFM

CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)

The effectiveness of dryers is usually measured in Cubic Feet per Minute. One cubic foot is the equivalent measure of 12”x12”x12”, which means that one CFM would dry an area of that size in one minute.

Take that estimate and multiply it by the size of the pet and you’ll get an idea of how long it’ll take to repel all water off the fur. 


Now you hopefully know which pet dryer features will make you excel as a professional groomer.

We want you to be satisfied with your choice of dryer every time you use it.

If you need more help with finding the best pet dryer for you, please raise your hand in the comments section below and we'll respond the same day.

This way we make the questions and answers available to everyone who may need help with finding the right pet dryer for their grooming businesses. 

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