We help Canadians like you save your time, money and health, by making XPOWER expert air moving equipment easily available to order online and have delivered right to your doorstep. 

Our community consists of professionals and home users with interests in Restoration & Construction, Cleaning & Sanitation, Pet Grooming and Inflatable Advertising.
We're brought together by our will to catch big air and breathe easy, at work as well as at home.


Why use XPOWER products?

XPOWER Manufacture Inc. brings over 25 years of experience developing an expanding series of products with the most advanced technology in today’s market.
By carefully listening to their end-users, they constantly develop their products and design new smart features that aim to solve the user's pain-points.
They're also proud to be one of the only air moving equipment manufactures to be backed by a reliable service and warranty department right here in Canada.
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Airflow Go is a Division of LionCove Inc.