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Welcome to Airflow Go! 🍁 Shop here for XPOWER Products & Equipment in Canada. Orders ship within 1-3 days from Oakville, ON.

Air Movers

Discover the most compact and lightweight Air Movers on the market. From Centrifugal to Low Profile - find what suits your application.

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Air Scrubbers

Utilize our commercial-grade Air Scrubbers with advanced multi-layer filtration for general air purification, dust control, air abatement and mould remediation.

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ELECTRIC DUSTERS - Safe & Durable Alternative to "Canned Air"

Electric Dusters

Electric Dusters

Get multi-functionality in one compact package with an electric duster & blower from XPOWER.... 

Product Care & Repair

Service your equipment with genuinue replacement parts & accessories from XPOWER.

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