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If you see an error message at checkout, please try this:

  1. Clear all cache and cookies on your browser. Then reboot the browser.

  2. Try a different web browser - or switch to incognito mode or private mode. 

  3. When using incognito, if you are still experiencing a display issue, confirm you have disabled browser extensions as these can change how the pages look.

  4. Ensure the web browser is up to date.

  5. Switch to another device, like another computer or mobile phone.

  6. Switch internet connection (try the cellular network on your phone rather than wi-fi, for example)

If none of that helps: Please send us a message

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      Please note that you will be charged on the same day as your order is placed. We’ll send a payment confirmation to your email inbox right after you’ve placed your order.


      Which methods of payment do you accept?

      Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal.


      Which currency are your prices in? Which currencies are accepted?

      All prices are in CAD (Canadian dollars), and that’s the only currency we’re able to accept.


      Are my card details safe? Is the checkout secure?

      Yes, your card details go directly to a secure payment gateway service which processes your payment.

      We never see your card details, and we never store them.

      Our checkout system uses an SSL certificate and employs industry-standard 128-bit encryption. Our store is powered by a Certified Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant host.


      I’m trying to pay but it’s not working, what should I do?

      1. Double-check all your payment details (digits, expiry date etc.)

      2. Ensure the billing address you have entered is the same address you have on file with your bank or card issuer. 

      3. You may want to consult with your card issuer and/or bank to be sure they have your correct address on file.
      4. Try another payment method, such as a different card, or PayPal. 

      How much HST/GST will you charge?

      It depends on which province you live in.

      All sales taxes will be calculated after you’ve entered your address. It will be included in your total order amount.

      You’ll be able to see the complete cost breakdown before you confirm your order.


      Fulfillment & Shipping

      Please note that the estimated shipping time you see at checkout isn’t a guaranteed delivery time and doesn’t include the time it takes for our fulfillment team to process the order and get it out the door.


      How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

      Please contact us immediately and have your receipt/order number on hand.

      You’re welcome to change or cancel an order as long as it hasn’t been shipped out. We cannot stop or re-route a package that’s been handed over to the shipping carrier.

      Please note that if you refuse delivery of a shipped order, you will be responsible for both the outbound and return shipping costs.


      Which are my shipping options and how much do they cost?

      We ship through Canada Post and Purolator. The cost of shipping depends on the size of your order and where you're located. 

      Your personal shipping rate will be calculated and displayed once you've reached checkout and filled out your shipping address.


      Do you ship to the US?

      We only sell and ship XPOWER products to Canadians in Canada.

      If you’re in America, please order XPOWER products from our friends at AirChaser: www.airchaser.com


      When will my order ship?

      You can expect your order to be processed and picked up by our carrier within a business day or two, assuming it’s in stock.

      We'll notify you via email if it's not in stock. 

      Once the order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number in your inbox, so you can follow the package’s journey to you.


      Why is my tracking information missing?

      It usually takes 24 hours or more for the tracking information show up in the tracking tool. So don’t panic if you’ve clicked the link to track your package and the information is missing. It likely just means that the package hasn’t been scanned by the carrier yet.

      If several business days go by without any updates, please let us know.

      If you didn’t receive a tracking number, please check if it landed in your spam box before you get in touch with us.


      When will I receive my order?

      Once you’ve received a shipping confirmation and tracking number, it will take at least one, but more often a few, business days until you receive your order.

      The delivery time depends on how far away you are from our fulfillment centre in Oakville, Ontario.

      Please note that the estimated shipping time you see at checkout isn’t a guaranteed delivery time and doesn’t include the time it takes for our fulfillment team to process the order and get it out the door.

      If you are in a rush to receive your order, we do have express shipping options available at checkout.

      We cannot guarantee you’ll receive your order by a certain day, but if it’s absolutely vital that you get it that day, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do to make that happen.


      What if the product I want is out of stock?

      If a product is out of stock, we’ll notify you via email. If possible, we’ll let you know an estimated arrival time.

      You’re free to cancel or change your order at any time during the waiting period, as long as the order hasn’t been shipped out. 


      What if I never received my order?

      If you haven’t received any confirmation email or other correspondence from us after placing your order, it’s possible we never received your order in the first place, or your order was missed. If this happens, please contact us before placing your order again.

      If your tracking information indicates that the order has been delivered, but you haven’t received it, please double-check that you have the correct shipping address on your order confirmation.

      If the address on your order confirmation is wrong, please contact us.

      If the address is right, please look for the package in these places before contacting us:

      For businesses - Check the mailroom, front desk or security, courier service or 3rd party.

      For apartment buildings - Check your individual box or parcel locker (Canada Post will leave a key in your box). Ask security, the building superintendent or concierge.

      For community mailboxes - Check your box for the package or a parcel locker key.


      What if the carrier lost my package?

      We insure all our shipments; in case something would go wrong along the way.

      If your package is lost and you suspect the error was made by the carrier, please get in touch with us so we can submit a claim to get your money back.

      Once they’ve investigated the matter and find that the error was indeed theirs, they’ll issue a shipping refund and you’ll get your money back. 


      What if I received the wrong order or something is missing?

      Please double-check your order confirmation email, to see if you happened to make a mistake when you first placed the order. If you missed to add something to your order, feel free to place a new order.

      If you ordered the wrong product, please check our return policy.

      If you received something else than what you had ordered, please contact us so we can correct the mistake. Make sure to have your receipt/invoice number on hand.


      What if the package/product arrived damaged?

      Please get your camera out and document the damages as thoroughly as you can.

      Send us the pictures and a description of the damages, along with your receipt/order number and we’ll submit a claim with the carrier.

      If their investigation shows they mishandled the package, you’ll get your money back.

      If you suspect the product was damaged due to an error made by us or the manufacturer, please contact us directly so we can correct the mistake.


      What if I’m just unhappy with the product?

      We want you to be completely happy with the products we provide, that’s why we offer all customers a 30-days open return policy.

      We encourage you to try out your product as soon as you receive it, but make sure to keep it in salable condition, in case you realize the product isn’t for you.

      If the product is still in salable condition and it hasn’t been more than 30 days since you received it, please check how to process your return


      Using the Products

      Congratulations, you’ve got the XPOWER! Please read through the user’s manual that should have been included with your product. 

      For how-to-videos click here.

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      How do I care for my product?

      XPOWER products are meant to serve you for a long time. They are built for optimal durability and should withstand rigorous use and harsh environments.

      Although our products are rigid and robust, you shouldn't treat them carelessly and expect them to keep performing at their glory days-capacity.

      Some units, like pet dryers, come with washable filters that should be cleaned regularly. Other units, like air scrubbers, need filter replacements on the regular (an indicator light tells you when it's time to change filters). Please refer to the product manual for specific maintenance for your unit. 

      An easy way to clean your equipment is to use an A-2 or A-5 Electric Duster. You can use it to quickly blow dust and dirt of fan torques and other equipment that otherwise can be tricky to clean. 

      For more information on how to maintain and care for your XPOWER products, sign up for our newsletter.


      What if the product is defective or stops working?

      If the product isn’t working the way you expected it, let us work together to solve the problem!

      We have direct product support from XPOWER Canada, and we work with XPOWER Manufacture to improve the products we supply.

      In most cases, things can be fixed without you having to send in your unit for a return or repair.

      If you're having an issue, please send an email to info@xpowercanada.ca and include:

          1. Your serial number (found on the box)
          2. Your receipt number
          3. A description of the issue (as detailed as possible)
          4. Pictures or videos showing the issue (if applicable) 

        You can expect a reply within 1-2 business days.


        Return Policy

        We want you to be completely happy with the products we provide, that’s why we offer all customers a 30-day open return policy.

        We encourage you to try out your product as soon as you receive it, but make sure to keep it in salable condition, in case you realize the product isn’t for you. If you are not happy with the product, please read our full return policy and the instructions for how to process a return.


        Warranty & Repairs

        The XPOWER warranty covers the unit from defects in materials and craftsmanship. The warranty covers normal use for a term of one year from original date of purchase; including parts and labor. 

        Wearable and consumable parts such as filters, hoses and power cords, are typically excluded from the warranty. 

        For more details about your warranty coverage, please check your manual or contact XPOWER Canada

        Where can I get my product repaired?

        The XPOWER Canada Service Department is available to help you if you're having any trouble with your product.

        If your XPOWER unit needs to be repaired, you’re welcome to send it here for free service & repair work (shipping pre-paid at your own expense), but make sure to contact the XPOWER Canada Service Department first - they may be able to trouble-shoot and give technical support remotely without you having to send the product to them. 


        Where can I get replacement parts?

        In case a part of your product stops working or breaks, we have all replacement parts available at our fingertips.

        Almost every XPOWER part is available to order at our Parts Department 

        If you're unsure of which part you need, please contact us so we can ensure you get the correct part for your unit model.