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Collection: ULV Cold Foggers

Foggers effectively treat an entire space quickly and with minimum effort. By turning liquid solutions into a fine mist, the fogger efficiently reaches and encapsulates even the most hard-to-reach areas. 

Commonly used for disinfecting, deodorizing and sanitizing offices, gyms, warehouses, restaurants, schools and medical facilities. But also a versatile tool to use in greenhouses, agriculture and farming industries, for applying insecticides, biocides, repellents, and more with point-and-spray ease. 

XPOWER Foggers are CETL-certified and built for commercial use. Available with rechargeable battery or AC power cord. 

ULV Cold Foggers

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Foggers - FAQs

Can Foggers be used against COVID-19 and other viruses?

Yes, when used with a disinfectant cleaner with evidence for use against COVID-19, ULV Cold Foggers are the optimal method for continuous and efficient surface disinfection.

The average size of the droplets produced is less than 50 microns. Studies have shown that this droplet size is ideal for tackling pathogens (germs).

Compressed droplets will stay in the air three times as long as regular-sized droplets. This extends the time for chemical reaction.

Which solutions can be used?

Almost any water, alcohol, or oil-based solution. Foggers can apply disinfectans, insecticides, biocides, deodorants, fungicides, and repellents. Please note Foggers are not to be used with flammable or corrosive chemicals.

How much solution should be applied?

It depends on which solution you use, please check the bottle for guidance or ask the solution supplier for a reference chart.

How large of an area can be treated?

For example, our F-16 model offers a flowrate of 250 ml/min and its droplets reach up to 30+ feet with high velocity. Meaning it’s possible to disinfect an entire room in as little as a minute.

How safe is it?

Our Foggers are CETL-certified and built for commercial use. PPE to protect eyes and respiratory system is required while fogging. Please read the label on your solution bottle before fogging and always point the nozzle away from yourself and other people.