XPOWER Misting Fan

Greet the Heat with an Outdoor Misting Fan


As temperatures are warming up around Canada, you might feel it’s time to start preparing for the next heatwave. Many times, summer days can get so hot that it’s just no fun to be outdoors and you might even risk getting heatstroke if you stay outdoors for too long.

It’s during those times, an Outdoor Misting Fan can really come in handy and allow you to spend more time outdoors, even on those really scorching days.

XPOWER Misting Fans could drastically reduce the ambient temperature and make you feel like it’s 10 degrees (Celsius) cooler outside.

Misting Fans are used for:

  • Lounging or playing in the backyard
  • Plants and flowers in your garden or greenhouse
  • Pets and farm animals
  • Sporting events
  • Summer camps
  • Outdoor work sites
  • Senior residences
  • Restaurant & bar patios

How Does a Misting Fan Work?

  • By Water Cooling – Water has about 20-25 times the thermal conductivity of air, so a water fan like this can transfer the heat on your skin into the water much faster than what a regular fan would be able to do if it took that same heat and pushed it into the air.

  • By Evaporative Cooling - Heat energy in the water escapes the surface and evaporates into the air. The loss of heat energy lowers the temperature of the water left on your skin. It’s the same way sweat cools you.

  • By Wind - Evaporative cooling is more efficient when there is wind, so the
    XPOWER Misting Fans maximize evaporative cooling by being both a water mister and an air fan. You're even able to disconnect the water source and use it as regular air fan.


Which Misting Fan should I get?

  • FM-48 Misting Fan that Connects to a Garden Hose

  • Our most popular solution. It’s great for residential or business use. It connects to a standard garden hose, so no need to refill a water tank or reservoir.

  • The speed control and powerful stream maintain a mist light enough to evaporate while reaching a considerable distance. The high-performance sealed motor produces up to 600 CFM.

  • Four nozzles distribute a fine mist over a wide area that will effortlessly cool down outdoor patios, greenhouses, pool areas and other outdoor sites with access to a garden hose. 


  • FM-68W or FM-88W – Oscillating Misting Fan that Connects to a Reservoir or Bucket of Water

  • If you don’t have access to a standard garden hose, the FM-88W will better suit you. This Misting Fan has a built-in water pump, the unit is mobile and not tied down to a water line source like the FM-48. It utilizes a water source like a 5-gallon utility bucket or XPOWER WT-90 Water Reservoir Base.

  • It has a sealed motor to protect it from contaminants and water damage, and also inline GFCI Protection built-in for safety against accidental shock.

  • A truly mobile misting solution you can use at sporting events, picnics, the beach or outdoor worksites.


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