Re-Opening the Grooming Shop: 5 Hacks to Keep You Safe, Organized and Productive

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Pet groomers around Canada are starting to re-open their shops and serving clients again after a couple of months of mandatory Covid-19 closures.
As a groomer, you are now facing the tough challenge of adjusting to new safety guidelines for grooming shops while at the same time working through a two-month long backlog of appointments. 
Here are five hacks to keep you productive, the shop organized and everyone safe and healthy! 

1. Speed Up Drying Times With a Heated Dryer


B-24 Thermal Ace Heat Force Pet Dryer (3 HP)


XPOWER B-24 Thermal Ace DryerXPOWER B-24 Thermal Ace Heat Force Pet Dryer
With this dryer, you get the power to heat and dry those pets even faster. With the flip of a switch, you get instant heat which lets you set the coat and dry damp spots even faster. A perfect balance of drying versatility and affordability. 



B-8 Elite Pro Brushless Force Pet Dryer (4 HP)


XPOWER B-8 Elite Pro Brushless Force Pet Dryer
XPOWER B-8 Elite Pro Brushless Force Pet Dryer

Get precise control of both speed and heat with this force dryer with digital display. The B-8's motor is completely brushless, which makes its lifetime last up to six times longer than your standard brush motor force dryer.



2. Free Up Space with a Wall Mount Kit

Mounting Your Force Dryer to the Wall


XPOWER Wall Mount Kit
XPOWER Wall Mount Kit


This Wall Mount Kit provides smart storage and frees up space in your grooming salon. It has three accessory slots, a hose station, and two electric cord ports to keep your dryer, nozzle attachments, hose and power cord safely and neatly organized. When you've finished using the dryer, simply snap the hose and nozzles on the bracket and it’s completely out of your way.

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Mounting Your B-16 Stand Dryer to the Wall


B-16 Stand Dryer Mounting


This is one of the best space-saving solutions for your grooming salon - and it also takes away the headache of tripping over or knocking down equipment that may have been left out during a busy day. Comes with an adjustable arm as well as mounting hardware.

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3. Convert your Force Dryer to a Stand Dryer


XPOWER Stand Dryer


This Stand Mount Kit allows you to convert any professional XPOWER force dryer to a hands-free operation. It will also keep your force dryer safe and secure when not in use. Equipped with a hose station, accessory slots and electric cord ports.


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    4. Get a Replacement / Back-Up Hose for Your Force Dryer


    Regular Screw-On Hose for Force Dryers


    Regular Screw-On Hose for Force Dryers


    This hose pairs with all XPOWER Professional Force Dryers and 2018 Edition Screw-On Nozzle Attachments. Featuring a new screw-on adapter for added security with nozzle attachments.


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    Heavy-Duty Hose for Force Dryers

    Heavy-Duty Hose for Force Dryers

    Composed of TPE (thermoplastic rubber) material with a steel spiral frame, this Heavy-Duty Hose is not only highly resistant to heat, but also deformation. Ideal for busy groomers and for force dryers producing heated air.



    5. Improve Air Quality in Your Grooming Shop

    Using Air Scrubbers with HEPA Filtration


    XPOWER Air Scrubbers with HEPA Filter

    Air scrubbers help clear the air of dust, bacteria, allergens, mould and other airborne particles that can compromise your immune system. XPOWER air scrubbers are extra quiet and energy-efficient.

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    Using A Negative Ion Generator

    XPOWER Air Mover with Negative Ion Generator

    This air mover features a negative ion generator that reduces electrostatic build-up, which helps clear the air of airborne pollutants such as allergens and pet dander, that normally would latch onto any surface they can find. It also contains a patented refillable beads cartridge that will fill the air in your grooming shop with your choice of aromatic fragrances.  

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