Nylon Mesh Filter Kit for XPOWER Centrifugal Air Movers 400-Series

XPOWER Nylon Mesh Filter Kit for 400-Series Air Movers

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  • Replacement filter kit for XPOWER Centrifugal Fan X-400A
  • Comes with 2 filters – 1 for each side of the unit
  • Made of high-quality nylon mesh
  • Easy to access, wash and put back in
  • Protects the motor from debris-clogging


XPOWER centrifugal fans are built to work in the toughest and dirtiest environments. The nylon mesh filters located on each side of the units are working to stop debris from clogging the motor.

The filters are easy to access and remove from the side of the air mover unit. Wipe down the filters with a wet cloth to clear them of any debris or dirt. 

If the filters get damaged or aren’t washed regularly, it can cause the motor to run less efficiently. In cases like those, it’s time to order a filter replacement kit.

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