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XPOWER 800MDK Multi-Drying Hose Kit for Cage Dryers

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  • Compatible with X-800TF Professional Cage Dryer
  • Comes with 3 x 8-ft. long extendable hoses for drying in 3 cages at the same time
  • Sturdy high-flexible synthetic rubber construction with reinforced spiral metal support coil, no crimp, no pinch hose



The XPOWER 800MDK hose kit for the X-800TF Cage Dryer features three durable 8-feet long x 4.5-inches wide flex hoses with lockable adapter collars.

Included in your kit are three airflow gates with integrated cage attachment clips. The gates can be opened or closed depending on how many cages you want to dry in.

Hoses are made of highly flexible vinyl with a metal inner support coil for expanding or collapsing the hoses.

The 800MDK hose kit is preferred by groomers who desire reliable and versatile multi-cage drying equipment.