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How to Calculate CFM for Air Scrubbers and Air Purifiers

The capacity of an air scrubber is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). To decide which is the best air scrubber or air purifier for you, you will have to consider the CFM needed for the size of your space.

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How to calculate Cubic Feet Per Minute 

One cubic foot is the equivalent measure of 12” x 12” x 12”, which means that one CFM would cover an area of that size in one minute.


1. Calculate your room's volume in cubic feet

To calculate your volume in cubic feet, you multiply the square footage by the ceiling height. 
For example, if the floor is 700 square feet and the room has 8-foot ceilings: 
700 x 8 = 5,600 cubic feet


2. Calculate the total cubic feet per hour

Multiply the room's cubic feet by 6 to find the total cubic feet of filtration needed per hours. 
Example: 5,600 cubic feet x 6 = 33,600 cubic feet per hour


3. Convert to cubic feet per minute

Divide the total cubic feet per hour by 60 to convert to cubic feet per minute (CFM)
Example: 33,600 cubic feet per hour / 60 minutes = 560 CFM.


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